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A number of courses using the RACECAR, catering to a variety of skill levels, are publicly available. For more advanced research-level projects involving the Racecar, please check out the Publications section.

Available Courses

Course Title Course Description
Beaver Works Summer Institute

A rigorous, world-class STEM program for talented rising high school seniors hosted my MIT and Lincoln Laboratory. The 2017 program featured three project-based, workshop-style courses. In the RACECAR course, students programmed small robotic cars to autonomously navigate a racetrack. The course is 4 weeks long.

6.a01 Mens et Manus: The Joy of MIT A 6-week introductory course for freshmen at MIT. Intended to give students a first hands on experience with hardware.
6.141/16.405J Robotics: Science and Systems I

The undergraduate robotics course at MIT. Presents concepts, principles, and algorithmic foundations for robots and autonomous vehicles operating in the physical world. Topics include sensing, kinematics and dynamics, state estimation, computer vision, perception, learning, control, motion planning, and embedded system development. Students design and implement advanced algorithms on complex robotic platforms capable of agile autonomous navigation and real-time interaction with the physical word. Students engage in extensive written and oral communication exercises. Enrollment limited.